Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paper flowers

I like crafting from scratch. It takes longer time,of course, but I get more satisfaction from the final result. It is also less expensive solution, as we all know ready made materials can cost a bit. I will probably devote one whole post to the crafting materials I use, but in general I craft from anything and everything. That's why I need a hand by my imagination to create charming results from anything available. 

And this is why I've decided to devote a section in the blog called "Lovely and easy" to sharing ideas how to create various lovely and easy items to complete any crafting project.

Project number one: Lovely and Easy Paper Flowers 

Crafting Materials:

Paper, according to your ideas
Glue (I use two types of glue: all purpose glue for the paper and glue for porcelain for the plastic beads)
Fiskars squeeze punch - heart or simple heart template

Needed materials 


1. You will need to cut six hearts with the help of the squeeze punch. I use the squeeze punch simply because I have it :), but if you don't have one there is no need to buy particularly for this project. You can make a heart shaped template and cut six hearts with its help. No big hassle.

Cutting the hearts with the squeeze punch

2. Layer and glue the hearts in two levels, using three hearts for a layer (shown on the picture below). The hearts will represent the petals of the flower. By crossing the layers, so they don't coincide, you can create an effect of a fuller flower. If you need a simpler one, only three hearts are enough. Then just move to the next step. Glue the paper hearts with a all purpose glue - it's just hold stronger and longer than ordinary paper glue. 

Layering the petals 
3. After the layers of the petals are ready, next step is gluing the beads. For this purpose, I use glue for porcelain - just holds stronger, and I prefer to be on the safe side, that it will not come off soon. Use any kind of beads you have - small, big, round, gems..... anything you like. 

Adding the beads

4. Create a 3-dimensional effect by simply bending the petals of the flowers. Simple! 

3D effect by bending the petals  

And..... you are DONE! 

Then place the flowers where you want to have them - cards, gift bags, hair clips, picture frames.... The list is endless. I, for example, have used the flowers to decorate this wooden candy box, which currently serves other purposes - it is the place I keep all the ribbons for my crafting projects.

Good Luck!

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