Friday, December 7, 2012

Card from wooden spatulas for Tamina's first birthday

My friend's daughter - Tamina, had her first birthday a month ago. A one year old toddler would not pay attention to a card, so I needed to come up for an idea that can be used for other purposes than just a card.

I had seen the idea for "wooden spatulas card" in a a website called Handmade-International, which is a website in Bulgarian full of various craft ideas. I find it comprehensive and inspirational enough.

So it was it - the wooden spatulas card. I particularly like this card idea for a child, it could be placed on the shelf, or could be hanged on the wall.

Materials for the card:

Do crafts wooden spatulas
other theme suitable wooden shapes
coloring pencils
glue for wood and metal

I found the wooden spatulas accidentally at the local book store. To be honest I was surprised that it was that easy, I though it will take me sometime to find what I need. I was even considering using coffee stirring sticks, tho a bit thin they would do. Good that Do crafts, had  already thought of how to solve my problem.
So, once you got the materials, it's rather easy.

You can arrange as many spatulas as you need. I used ten for the background and two to support the structure.

Wooden spatulas for the base

Choosing the background color

Ones arranged and glued together, the spatulas make quite stable structure to paint on. I wanted the card to look childish, as kids' made like (although, that is very good excuse to justify my painting skills :) ), so my general idea was just grass, sky, sun and clouds. I did intentionally left some pieces of paper on the surface of the spatulas, as painted over they will make it look rough, and it gave me the desired effect.

The paint I use was bough from the kids' section in IKEA. These water based simple colors fit fine with my  theme, as mentioned above I did seek the childish effect of the card.

the paint

The thematic wooden shapes I had bought sometime ago, because I liked them. They were plain, so I colored myself.

adding the theme suitable wooden shapes

My first idea was to place the girl and the flower in a pot one next to one another, but it did not work, so I had to disassemble the flower. The stem of the flower I used for making the congratulatory flag.

And this is it.

Good Luck to all!

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